CDT2-MK2 Impression By Earl

"I was using the transport of a Marantz SA7 CD player along with a Mojo mystique V2 dac with the R 2R Ladder. So, I have replaced the Marantz Player with the Jay CDT2 MK2 and difference was night and day. "

"I am very happy with the performance and built quality of the CDT2 MK2."

Impression by: Earl Hamond.

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 JAY'S AUDIO, founded by Jacky Ho, focused on designing and manufacturing Redbook CD transport, CD Player using the Philips CDPRO2 LF, and CDM4 mechanisms for nearly two decades.

Today, despite the advancement, and evolution of the computer music playback, the convenience of music streaming via PC/streamer, Jacky still believe in the standalone digital CD transports are the best way to reproduce music.


Redbook CD at 16bit, 44.1kHz is all one needs.   

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