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CDT2-MK3 - NEW 2021!

The NEW 2021 CDT2-MK3 is integrated with the most wanted features along with various improvements. 

  • Dimmable Display

  • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator OCXO

  • Switchable Sampling Rate 44.1kHz / 176.4kHz (Remote Control 'Program' Button)

  • Configurable HDMI I2S Pinout via Dip-switches

Well-thought-out, well-engineered CDT2-MK3 yields extremely high price and performance ratio.


The OCXO improved the details retrieval, refinement, musicality, and imaging significantly.  

Still fancy spinning a disc? It's not to be missed. 

What's more?


The CDM4/19 module is user replaceable! No solder or whatsoever required. Simply plug and play.


Replacement guide is available: here.

This serviceable part helps to keep the CDT in service for a very long time. 

Peace of mind.