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Jay Ho

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Jay Ho is the owner and founder of Jay's Audio. He started making digital transports using the CDPro2 LF some 10 years ago. Jacky believes in building equipment with genuinely sourced parts from the likes of RS Components, Farnel, Digikey and Mouser. As such he's probably one of our larger hifi parts importers, hence ventured into selling components for the Chinese market, too.



It's always been Jay's contention that, vinyl excluded, standalone digital transports are the best way to reproduce music. His CDT platform has undergone various revisions. Currently, the CDT3-MK3 is the flagship, using the Jay modified CDPro2 LF mechanism and an on-board OCXO – Oven Control Cystal Oscillator. 












Jay founded the company two decades ago. Like many of us, Jay is an avid audiophile who happened is an Electronics Engineer by training. 

The first generation of CDT3 with Rubidium clock was released. It was a flagship model that uses CDPro2 LF laser. 

CDT2-MK2 makes its debut to intenational market. It receives multiple awards and praises all over the world, including the fame Bluemoon Award by 6moons.

CDT2-MK3 further improved with built-in Oven Control Crystal Oscillator. Upgrade kit was provided for MK2 customers to upgrade the CDT2 to the latest revision.

The flagship CDT3 makes its way back! CDT3-MK3 is equipped with Jay' years of experience in making. 

A true flagship CDT that makes your stereo dream a reality. 

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